When Families and The Perfect Location Combine

Some sessions are just perfect.  Okay, maybe that isn't entirely true because I honestly believe every one of my sessions are perfect - but you know what I mean.  This session in particular just went SO smoothly and was completely flawless that I was waiting to see what could go wrong because well everything went right.  So let's start at the beginning. 

Previous to this session, I had just finished a Father's Day Mini for an amazing little family I know, (which I will share later), so I was already on a photographer's high.  Yes - it's a thing.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and I sat there enjoying the breeze and gathering my thoughts and workflow for the next session when I had seen them pull into the parking lot.  Now I can't exactly give my exact location because it's a secret place that I love and would love to keep for myself, but the view is great and there isn't that big of a crowd so it's perfect.  As always, with any family photography session, I wait until they proceed to exit the car and gather their thoughts before I approach them.  I waited patiently with a smile and checked through my camera settings just to make sure I was ready when they were. As they left their vehicles and approached, it was a match made in heaven. 

They were so inviting, adorable, and seriously one of the easiest families to photograph, that it was so easy to get going. 

So I don't want to give out all of my secrets here, but I LOVE a challenge of making an enjoyable experience for my family members. The most enjoyable part to me is when the littles, yes - I call the children littles, is when they refuse to smile.  Doesn't matter the age, doesn't matter the mood, I will sit there for hours until I get that one shot.  And after 20 minutes and a little toss in the air from Mom and Dad...  we got there. 

We were together for about 30 minutes, and in all honesty I could have stopped after 10 minutes.  The images I captured were so unique, emotive, and completely amazing that I didn't need anymore than what I had, but I couldn't stop!

That's how you know a family session is perfect.