“The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.”  - anne geddes

specializing in family and children photography, pamela incorporates natural, candid moments, with classical poses to create timeless and memorable images that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime. 

My Story

my name is Pamela and i am a portrait photographer in Colorado springs, Colorado, i have a beautiful little family and i spend my weekdays with my family, and weekends with my clients.  If i am not photographing, editing or playing with my daughter you can find me watching sports, eating Mexican food reading or doing some type of diy with my fiance. 

If you would have asked me fifteen years ago where I would be, this would definitely not be it. 

photography has always held a special place in my heart. as a child, I always had a camera, no matter how cheap or small, and it never left my side. i can remember following around my sisters and pets with a fuji 35mm camera that had the battery door taped on with electrical tape, thinking i was the greatest in the world. having them developed was even the best part.   at the time i had no idea that love for photographs would escalate and come back to me the way it has now. 

As life went on, i grew up and photographs became even more important.  family photo albums were the greatest things to look at on a rainy day, even to this day they are the greatest family heirloom i can think of.  albums carry images of loved ones who have passed, or maybe even children who have long grown and left home. you can look at a photograph and remember how you felt the time it was taken, or you can think about what it may have been like to be there.

teenage years flew by so quickly, and i didn't use the camera like I used to. it sat on my dresser, collected dust, and before I knew it - I was graduating high school and it was time to move on.  i left home, but my camera stayed. 




for 13 years i gave my life to the US Navy.  my first year in was a complete blur, and SO busy that I don't really remember most of it.  DON'T GET ME WRONG, i ADORED THE MILITARY.  WITHOUT IT i DON'T KNOW WHERE I WOULD BE TODAY - BUT A lot of my time consisted of training, working, doing something other than what I wanted to do, but it was during my first duty station in washington dc that i realized how important that little camera would come to be.  

years went by, friends were made and lost, family grew, and i moved from one place to another.  i took photos for myself.  memories, and moments that i wanted to keep forever and didn't care if anyone else seen them.  i kept them away and left them there. 

in 2012, i decided it was time to leave the military and begin a life for myself.  i went to college, and took photographs as a hobby and nothing more.  my career plan led me in so many directions and nothing was ever the perfect fit.  as i became so frustrated with being indecisive with what I wanted to be, one thing always made me feel good.  taking photographs.  

it wasn't until 2016 when i decided to do a little more with my photography.  i started volunteering my time to organizations that needed event photography, and spending time with people who valued the photographs I was taking... it was after the last event i did that i sat culling images and realized - this is it.  this is what makes me happy........ and the rest is history.